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            Welcome To The Dallas / Fort Worth Area Mutual UFO Network!
                                 MISSION STATEMENT       

MUFON is the oldest and largest 'grass-roots' organization of its type with members throughout the world. The DFW Chapter of MUFON is represented by a growing number of members across the state as well as in the DFW area. The Mutual UFO Network of Dallas/Fort Worth is dedicated to conducting research into the UFO phenomenon and to provide educational opportunities to the public. Our specific goals are to:

Maintain an active network of people in the DFW area interested in the objective examination of the UFO phenomenon and other related matters.

Conduct investigations of UFO-related events and claims, both historical and current.

Hold meetings, educational programs, and provide a forum (through our Website,
       meetings, etc) for MUFON members, independent researchers, and the general
       public on the subject of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena.

Monitor the news media  to help ensure fair and objective coverage of UFO-related matters.


Be sure to check out our "Meetings" page to see what's in store this month!
**Did you know: The DFW Chapter of MUFON International is set up with the Fort Worth 911 emergency service. Any reports made to the FWPD are directly dispatched to our location.**
MUFON of DFW is currently looking for GUEST SPEAKERS. If you can be of assistance in any way, please contact any of us by selecting the "Officials" page.
Please drop by our Discussion Board and let us know what's on your mind!

We all hope that you find plenty of information on this web site. We are still in the construction phase and appreciate your patience!

Last Updated:  09-04-02

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