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Bio and Contact Info - Cindy Turnage - Assistant State Director


C.L.Turnage is a free lance writer who has an extensive background in history and ancient languages. She has studied over 300 translations of ancient Mesopotamian and Vedic Indian texts, the Hebrew/Greek scriptures, Egyptian writings, and extra-biblical books such as "Enoch the Prophet" as background material for three of her books. Over 40 NASA photographs were scrutinized for Mars and Moon anomalies which might indicate the presence of these extraterrestrials on these two nearby celestial bodies. Turnage is a member of the Ancient Astronaut Society, and is state section director for the Dallas County Mutual UFO Network  
Turnage has been published in: The Outer Connection, Contact Forum, The Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Art Bell's May and June 1998 AFTER DARK newsletters, and EXPOSURE MAGAZINE. The author´s books have received world-wide review by Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des UFO-Phanomens (GEP) c. V. Luisenstr.4 D-58511 Ludensceid, Germany, and in the U.S. by Magical Blend Magazine, P.O. Box 600, Chico, CA 95927-0600, The International Society of Bible Collectors (a worldwide society), and The Golden Age of Flying Saucers
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