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MUFON Membership

By joining MUFON DFW, you will be helping to support our monthly programs, featuring a variety of well-known and respected speakers, as well as our investigation and research programs. Members enjoy a greatly reduced admission price to our programs, which currently can add up to a savings of $60 per year over the public admission price if you attend all programs, and receive our periodic newsletter. Members have an opportunity, as their time and desires permit, to increase their level of participation in our organization. We encourage members to let our Board of Directors know of any special talents, skills or equipment they can contribute to our projects and programs. Membership dues are tax deductible as are any voluntary contributions, since we are a tax-exempt "501(c)(3)" nonprofit corporation.

The membership rates are as follows:

$25.00 Individual membership
$40.00 Family membership

By becoming a member, you can take sastisfaction in knowing that you're helping to continue the much needed extension of UFO research in your local area as well as assisting us in continuing to educate the public with our area meetings.  As a benefit to you, you will receive our periodic newsletters and a discounted meeting rate of $6.00, just for joining DFW MUFON!

To join, simply fill out the below form and you will be forwarded an application.

We look forward to hearing from you. And thank you for supporting MUFON!

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